Dear Prudence

Today is a sad day. We are saying goodbye to our beautiful blind wonderpug, Prudence, who has been in our lives for nearly 10 years. Prudence was the rescue dog of all rescue dogs: picked up by Animal Control, sent to a kill shelter, saved by a pug rescue agency, and eventually adopted by us. We were poor, recently married grad students when we drove from Tallahassee to Fort Walton Beach to pick her up. She was blind and covered in mange. Vernon (our other pug) was skeptical of her at first, but they became fast friends when we boarded them together for a weekend shortly after adopting her. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Although I’m convinced this is the best thing for Prudence, I’m worried about how it will affect Vernon.

It’s so tough, because Prudence represents the very beginning of our family. She’s traveled all across the US and Canada (she’s made at least 3-4 trips from Florida to Ontario); she’s lived with us in 8 different houses (!); she’s been with us for the births of our two children. We have countless fond memories of her, but I’ll never forget the first time she barked, rearing back and howling at the ceiling. The sound she makes when she shakes–like a flock of pigeons taking off. The time we tried to get her to swim. The first time she cuddled up to Vernon on the couch. The way she sits at my feet when I work, snuggling up to me and periodically kissing my ankles.

I’ll miss you, sweet girl.