Happy New Year

This was going to be my “year in review” post, but I only have about 15 minutes to post this or I'll break my first new year's resolution on Day 1! Instead, I thought I would quickly write down the resolutions I've been thinking about. Lord knows I'm terrible at these, but maybe putting them out on the public web will hold me accountable (I have my doubts). 1. Write more.

Another kick at the can

Hello, and welcome to yet another rendition of a blog brought to you by Bryn Hughes. I’m already cringing at the predictible opening apology that begins this and so many other restarted blogs (“No, really, this time, FOR SURE!”). I’ve tried this several times over the years; some times more successful than others; and hopefully this time it will stick. As Count Basie used to say, “let’s hear it one more, once!