Workflow and Software

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy all things geeky and nerdy. Part of that is my never-ending quest to find the most efficient, most ethical, and most future-proof software for my work. These three things are often at odds. I thought I would take a moment to document my current workflow. It will be interesting (to me, at least) to come back to this in the future to see how my opinions have inevitably changed.

A new outlook on social media

This is going to be hard. Having been a loyal Facebook user since 2005, I've decided to part ways with, or at least ignore, what has become one of my strongest and most consistent connections to my extended group of friends and family. Although I cherish the countless inspiring, hilarious, and otherwise absurd interactions I've had on Facebook over the years, it has come to a point where it seems that I can no longer regulate my own participation in an ever-widening social web that seems to be spiraling out of control.