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In which I write my real-time reactions to Fifth Harmony's "Work From Home"

There is some irritating commercial (maybe an Apple commercial?) that uses a catchy pop tune that includes the lyrics “work work work work work” over and over again. After seeing the commercial for the thousandth time, I finally googled the lyrics and discovered the song is called “Work From Home” by Simon Cowell's frankengroup Fifth Harmony.1 The song features an unchanging bouncy synth groove throughout, with the song's sections defined solely by melodic and lyrical content.

Teenage Dream, Toddler-Imposed Nightmare

I want to start writing regularly about songs (or parts of songs) that have intrigued me, inspired me, or that have driven me crazy. The first song I'd like to discuss, as you might've guessed, is Katy Perry's “Teenage Dream.” Our daughter Trudy was born in 2013. As academics are wont to do, we thoroughly prepared and researched our impending project (parenthood), only to find out that things were entirely different in the real world.